Tokyo Motor Show Concepts Preview: IV

Tokyo Motor Show is one of the biggest shows in the automobile space and it will be the place where the biggest giants of the industry will showcase some spectacular vehicles. In the fourth article in this series we take a look at few more daring and glaring concepts.

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1. Toyota S-FR concept

Toyota S-FR is a tiny little sports car standing at 13 feet long, 5.5 feet wide, and 4.3 feet with a tiny engine and lightweight body to go along. It has been designed keeping in mind only one thing; joy of driving. It could be powered by a 1.5-liter four cylinder engine producing 130-horsepower, not exceptional, but consider the fact that it ill weigh less than a tonne and you get a fun machine!!

2. Suzuki Mighty Deck concept


If you are a person who loves camping, the Suzuki has the perfect companion for you. The Suzuki mighty deck concept. It is similar to the 80’s Mighty Boy which has a puny little 583cc engine. Suzuki states the Mighty Deck is designed to accommodate lifestyle situations ranging from daily life to leisure.

3. Suzuki Ignis concept


Suzuki Ignis design language has been named ‘Shape the Inspiration’. However, we feel it is too boxy to be beautiful. The car will be 4×4 and can straddle the boundary between daily life and leisure according to Suzuki. However, we feel the design is too boxy to be beautiful at this moment. But lets wait till we see it in reality at the Motor show.


4. Subaru Viziv concept

The VIZIV Future is powered by a gasoline-electric hybrid drivetrain that consists of a small-displacement turbocharged flat-four engine borrowed from the Levorg station wagon and a compact electric motor that sits on top of the rear axle. The engine spins the front wheels via an automatic transmission and the electric motor drives the rear wheels, which means there is no connection between te front and rear axles.





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