Tokyo Motor Show launches by Suzuki

Tokyo Motor Show is the one of the biggest places and the Japanese companies use it to show the technological development and the next generation of vehicles.  Suzuki has shown two concepts today.

Suzuki Ignis


Suzuki Ignis design language has been named ‘Shape the Inspiration’.  Previewed initially as the Suzuki iM-4 concept, the Ignis Trail Concept is said to further fulfill the crossover aspect of the Ignis. The higher-riding show car is said to build “upon the Ignis concept of urban and outdoor versatility by offering even greater rough-road ruggedness.”   Suzuki has not revealed technical specifications regarding the Suzuki Ignis Trail Concept. What we do know is that the Suzuki iM-4 concept featured a 1.2 litre Dualjet engine that’s mated to an integrated starter generator (ISG) with a lithium-ion battery.

Production details are not in place but if Suzuki consider to make a production version, it would not have to toil hard because the car looks production ready.


Suzuki Mighty Deck Concept


Kei cars are the need of the hour in Japan with bustling traffic and Suzuki just showed what its designer are capable of when it comes to such cars. The company showed mighty deck concept which can be used as a perfect camping companion. The company does not have any intentions of making this a production car. Wood grain panels are also a common sight, on the exterior as well as the interior; located at the lower front fascia, tonneau cover, and on the car’s interior dashboard.  The interior exhibits modern minimalism as well, with touch panels and aluminium surfaces occupying it.

The Suzuki mighty deck concept. It is similar to the 80’s Mighty Boy which has a puny little 583cc engine. Suzuki states the Mighty Deck is designed to accommodate lifestyle situations ranging from daily life to leisure.

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