This guy Created a V6 engine from paper art and that works! – Video

Every one of us had experienced origami during school days and some of us might use those lessons these days to make different creative from same. We have something very interesting to show you that someone build a V6 engine from paper and that works with compressed air, how cool is that!!

The guy managed to put all those creative sides of his origami into one small, functional paper model of a V6 engine and that works fantastically.

The awesome working model of this V6 is completely built out of paper and cardboard sheets. This guy wanted to stay one step ahead of those who build engine models operated by hand or by the fuel of RC engines, and now we see a model that runs on compressed air, air from a balloon. The petrol-head of this origami created a special mechanism that will power this system through compressed air.

He also created connecting rod and proper firing order of the engine using different angles and clutch mechanism on the other side. He has also mentioned numbers on cylinder to ensure you get a correct firing order and we salute this petrol-head for putting so much effort to build such awesome creative out of paper. Don’t get surprised if you see a working model of gearbox too made out of paper only because we have also seen his working model of 4 cylinder engine build out of paper.

Well, things not only end here. The V6 engine made out of paper also sounds like one.

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