Volkswagen to face a fine of INR 32 crore

ET Auto reports that, the Volkswagen is most likely to face a fine of INR 32 crore for fitting 3.24 lakh vehicles with defeat devices. However, no official news is available yet. These defeat devices sensed an emission test and reduced the nitrogen oxide emissions.  However, in real on-road conditions the emission level was around 7-8 times the permissible limit.

“If we ascertain that the company was selling cars fitted with faulty or substandard quality devices then under section 182 A of Motor Vehicles Act, it could face a penalty of Rs 1,000 per car. The law mandates provision of penalty in such cases,” a senior government official told ET.

It all started when, the Volkswagen group in September admitted to have fitted its diesel cars with this kind of defeat devices in the Unites States. Volkswagen also admitted that 11 million cars worldwide are fitted with these devices.

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At the same time India’s apex testing agency ARAI also checked the VW cars in India and found variations in the emission levels. The testing agency issued a Show Cause Notice against the German manufacturer. The group on Tuesday confessed and announced that it will recall around 3.24 lakh vehicles in India. These vehicles having the EA189 engines are fitted with defeat devices. These vehicles were sold between 2008 and November 2015. These vehicles belong to the Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi brands in India.

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A meeting between ARAI and VW group was conducted on Tuesday after it announced the recall. The Volkswagen group is given a period of 8 months to complete the recall. Volkswagen is also expected to suspend the sales of these models till they meet the emission norms.

After this incident, the ARAI is testing all the passenger vehicles in India to find out if they have violated the emission norms. This mission will be completed within 6 months by the ARAI.

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