Volkswagen launchs TDI Goodwill Program

[tps_header] Volkswagen under TDI Goodwill Program has announced $1000 gift cards and an extended 24 hours road assistance for 3 years. [/tps_header]

Volkswagen has been in news since September regarding the emission scandal. The German manufacturer has admitted fitting nearly 11 million diesel cars in the US with defeat device that reduces the NOx emission when it detects a test but the emission in road conditions is around 40% more than the permissible limit. The automaker’s TDI (Turbocharged Direct Injection) diesel engines were fitted with these defeat devices. The company lost nearly a third of its market value due to this scandal and the goodwill has also plunged considerably.

To counter this, the VW group has launched an initiative called ‘TDI Goodwill Program’ for the TDI consumers affected by the scam. The eligible consumers will get a prepaid VISA debit card like the American Express Gift card. The eligibility can be checked on by using the consumer’s VIN number. There will be two type of prepaid cards : The first one will be of $500 and will have no restriction on where it should be used, the second one will of a value between $500 which can only be used at Volkswagen dealerships. This program is expected to limit only up to 4 cylinder engines. However, the bigger 6 cylinder engines can later be considered.


Volkwagen USA Passat 2012

The maximum amount of $1,000 may not seem to be a make up for the damage caused to the customers. But, TDI Goodwill Program also includes an extended no-charge 24 hours road assistance for 3 years. Volkswagen on 30th October also promised to subsidize dealers to take in the affected cars at pre scandal rates and an additional TDI owner loyalty discount of $2,000 announced on 2nd October.

[tps_footer] Volkswagen with these measures is trying to minimize the damage done by the emission scandal. [/tps_footer]

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