Volkswagen reveals its 268BHP 2.0-L Diesel Engine

At its Headquarter Wolfsburg, Germany, VW revealed its new turbochared 268BHP, 2.0L, 4 cylinder diesel engine. But the major point of attraction is, it produces impressive 268bhp. The Germans have always been known for the introduction of revolutionary technology and modernization, no surprises there. Talking about Volkswagen in particular, it has been responsible for a lot radical stuff, including dual-clutch gearboxes and w-shaped engine blocks. The engine includes innovation such as wider scope for start/stop engines, better networking and  an oxide-film for glass to block radiation. The new engine made based on the current EA288 unit. The engine is more powerful and also fuel efficient also. The engine reduces energy and water consumption and also cuts CO2 emission by 25 percent. Future totally relies on sustainable use of fuel and green energy.

VW's new diesel engine

VW’s new diesel engine

VW says “Today, the hunt for every gram of CO2, every drop of fuel, every kilowatt of power that can be saved is one of the key challenges faced by the automotive industry,” The 2.0-liter diesel engine comes with a two-stage electrically operated turbocharger which is even more powerful than the current 3.0-liter V6 diesel engine that made its debut on the VW Touareg Facelift. The new engine would come in production of the CrossBlue SUV Concept. But the company didn’t say anything about the max torque generated by new 4 cylinder diesel engine. But VW reveled details regarding new 10 dual shift gear (DSG) gear box which is code-named DQ511. New 10-speed gearbox is one part of VW’s bold ambition to become world’s most sustainable carmaker by 2018.

At Vienna’s International Motor Symposium,VW Group’s chairman, Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn, laid out a strategy to increase fuel economy an additional 20 percent, by 2020. At the center of this plan is a new DSG box, with an additional four gears tacked on for a total of 10 ratios. Officially, the additional gears are exclusively to increase fuel economy. It is said that this will be able to handle torque loadings of up to 405 lb-ft., which means it could also be bolted to the new four-cylinder diesel engine. VW aims to reach the ambitious target with a program it’s calling “Think Blue”. There is no other automatic which shifts faster and also more fuel efficient.

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