Volvo XC90 Safety Technology Revealed, World First

Volvo, a Swedish automobile manufacturer is constantly innovating and incorporating new technologies in their cars. The main concern behind these technologies being developed is to provide safety. Volvo has just announced that they are going to include many new safety systems and features in their upcoming cars and they have in mind to incorporate these systems and features in the next generation of the XC90.

The XC90 will be packed with high tech systems that will be seen for the first time. No other car in the world than the XC90 would be featuring run-off road protection. Now this is only one feature out of a few which is creating buzz in the automobile market and thus everyone has their eye on the launch of the XC90. The run-off road protection feature constantly scans your driving and the road. When the system senses that you are going to crash it pulls the seat belt thereby tightening it and saving you from injuring yourself. Specially designed seats minimize impact and accounts for minimizing spinal cord injuries which are often seen in accidents.

Volvo will be improving their Park Assist feature by installing cameras all around the Volvo XC90 which creates a 360 degree bird’s eye view; this type of system will help in bay parking making it quick and easy. Another new feature developed by Volvo and which  is going to come with the XC90 is the City Assist. City Assist will be controlling your acceleration, steering and brakes according to the obstacle in front. This system constantly scans for obstacles like cars, cyclist, pedestrians, animals etc and will control your speed accordingly.  The automobile market is constantly evolving with new and improved safety features that not only save the driver but also the people walking on the road.



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