Will Make A Market For Convertible SUVs – Mercedes

Luxury SUVs have carved a niche for themselves, more so because of the luxury offered and not the SUV off-roading part, but you cannot ignore them any more.

Mercedes G-Wagen Convertible

Mercedes G-Wagen Convertible

Mercedes was one of the earliest car-makers to offer a soft-top SUV, but the production of the G Wagen was shut in 2013. The iconic G-Wagen served the military and the niche general public for nearly 4 decades before that.

So, does this highly competitive world have any space left for a convertible SUV? Yes, says Wolf-Dieter Kurz, VP of Sports Cars and SUVs at Mercedes.

He said “We had to stop the G-Wagen due to reasons owing to volumes and production”.

He specified they are looking at every opportunity and just need to find a market for it.

Convertibles take a lot of engineering to make the body stable and handle as good as a normal car, yet the fun factor is unmatched. This is another point which we are looking at said Kurz.

Source: Caradvice.com.au

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