Yamaha Motobot (Robot) rides Yamaha R1M

[tps_header]Yamaha at the Tokyo Motor Show showcased a robot called Yamaha Motobot that can ride any bike at high speeds.[/tps_header]

Imagine you are at the dining table having your breakfast and suddenly the doorbell rings, there is someone on the door, you open the door to find a robot dressed as a courier guy who delivers your mail, wishes you good day, gets on his bike and rides off. How awkward will it be? But, that is what we will experience in the coming years. The foundation for this has been done by Yamaha at the Tokyo Motor Show where it showcased a robot called Yamaha Motobot that can ride any bike at high speeds. Yes! that is what the company’s future plans include.

Yamaha Motobot is currently controlled by humans. But, this is just a prototype. The production version is expected to make its own decisions while riding. The Japanese manufacturer said that the Yamaha Motobot is being developed to ride an unmodified bike on a racetrack at 200 km/hr. The robot is fully able humanoid that interacts with the bike in the same way we do. It accelerates using his wrists, holds the clutch with the fingers and changes gears using his leg. However, for now the Yamaha Motobot needs balancing wheels on both the sides of the bike to prevent the bike from tipping off. But, the company aims to eliminate those extra wheels too.

The Yamaha Motobot is currently designed to conduct safety tests that are conducted by humans right now and involves a lot of risk. The robot can be used to test the most dangerous and underdeveloped prototypes till the vehicles are perfectly safe for humans to test them. This will be very beneficial for the industry.

Yamaha has also released a video that shows the Yamaha Motobot riding a R1M. The robot’s part is spoken in a robotic child’s voice, which says, “I was created to surpass you. I am improving my skills everyday but I am not sure if I can even beat the five year old you. Perhaps if I learn everything about you, I will be able to catch up. Look, I can ride like this now.” he boasts about his riding. “The way you ride is the most beautiful and exciting, I am not Human but there has to be something only I am capable of. I am Motobot, I was created to surpass you.” he warns.

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