Yamaha R25 reaches 196 kmph on Dyno!!

Doing 196 kmph on a quarter liter bike at 14,000 rpm sounds delicious, isn’t it? Thats what the Yamaha R25 is capable of. A video showing the same has been making the rounds on the internet for a couple of days now.

2014 Yamaha R25 doing 196kmph on Dyno Run

2014 Yamaha R25 doing 196kmph on Dyno Run

A Dyno run is always under perfect conditions and does not consider real world conditions so is not the measure to go by. But still a 250cc engine turning at 14,000 rpm is not a small feat. The real world conditions include wind and road resistance as well as the riders apprehensions on doing these kinds of speeds on public roads. We expect the R25 will max out at 175-180 kmph out in the world, which is not a bad figure.

2014 Yamaha R25 Dyno sheet

2014 Yamaha R25 Dyno sheet

What was also revealed was the graph of torque and power figures of the bike for the dyno run. Yamaha claims the bike produces the 36 ps of power and 22.6 Nm of torque. The graph shows figure of 30 ps of power and the torque is just a bit higher than 19 Nm. The difference can to attributed to the fact that manufacturers often reveal the ratings at the engine output and not at the wheels and the number at the wheels is often less because of transmission losses.

The Yamaha R25 garnered a huge number of bookings on its launch in the Indonesian market. India will be the second country to get the bike but we will have to wait until early or mid 2015 for that. If Yamaha prices it right, and by right we mean close to the CBR250 them it sure has a gem on its hands, but to reach that figure Yamaha need to look at manufacturing in the country as assembling will make the price rise to nearly INR 3 lakh.

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Source: Ototv

Source: Ototv

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