Powerwheels + Leaf Blower = Genius : Video of the Day

The country side or the rural civilization is being converted into urban concrete jungle rapidly. As a kid, whenever we were asked to draw a house, it was always a house with a lawn in front of it and mountains behind. But, as we grew up most of us had to live in a building with no or a shared lawn. Imagine having a lawn of your own in front of your house. It is too exciting to even imagine. A house with a lawn and a garage where we can work on our toys is the ultimate goal for most petrolheads. We will have the time of our lives. But as Spiderman says :

“With great powers come, great responsibilities.”

This awesome lawn will have a lot of leaves and other things coming in. This will make our idle home dirty. So we will have to clean the leaves and dirt. Now this is the scary part. But, not if you are creative enough. A video featuring one such father has made it to our Video of the Day for today. The awesome father knew how to hit two birds with one stone, “Ek Teer Se Do Nishaane” as we say in Hindi.

This creative guy turned his son’s powerwheels into a leaf blower. Now, the son has his freedom to move around in his powerwheels while the leaves on the drive way will be cleared simultaneously. Now this is what we call sheer use of brains. The video shows the child moving around in his powerwheels while cleaning the lawn. And it actually works! We can again get back to our good times with a cup of coffee and an open clean lawn. Awesome idea!

Now, here is the video, have a look and plan your family accordingly. 😉 Happy Motoring! 🙂

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