2016 Audi A4 makes you feel like Tony Stark of Ironman!

Audi has consistently made breakthroughs in technology which have helped in driver aids and improve the overall experience of the driver and customer in totality. A Couple of years ago Audi launched the Matrix beam technology in the Audi A8, which made the LED’s in the headlights turn on and off in a billion combinations without human intervention. No kidding. The technology has made its way to the relatively cheaper cars since then. The facelifted A6 will be launched today in India which will have these headlights as an optional extra.

The virtual cockpit technology isn’t new but it is more significant since it will come to the largest selling model from Audi. We have seen it in the TT coupe and can also be configured on the Q7 or R8. The 21st century equivalent of the speedometer features a 12.3-inch LCD screen that displays at a 1,440 x 540 resolution. Using an NVIDIA Tegra chip, the cockpit provides a smooth 60 fps visual experience.

The driver can customize the display according to their necessity. The driver has the choice between the Classic View and the Infotainment mode. In the classical mode, round instruments dominate the display, so the speedometer and tachometer appear normal. The infotainment features are displayed smaller and more discreet in the middle. In Infotainment mode, however, additional functions such as the navigation system or the telephone function take up more space.

In all this might seem gimmicky but we think any technological update is good, irrespective of whether it is used or not. This seems funky and something refreshing from the mundane console.

Know everything about the Matrix Beam Technology here .

Watch the video regarding the Virtual cockpit :

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