2016 Jeep Renegade caught on Video in India

Even though FCA has shelved plans for launching Renegade in India our scoopmeister spotted Jeep Renegade in Pune doing testing rounds. This time its caught on video and we have the best slow motion video of Jeep Renegade. From the body panel it looks like its not fully imported variant, but locally produced as its completely covered by camo. Our sources at Jeep also gave hint about this SUV will be localised to some extent and might come in India.

Recently FCA India has made major changes in top management for media and communications. This could be the new plan for FCA India to get into tone again with Jeep Brand. According to the import data the new Jeep Renegade engine is a 2 liter multijet engine. This engine globally comes with 6 speed manual transmission and 9 speed automatic with AWD as an option.

2016 Jeep Renegade in Action

2016 Jeep Renegade in Action

Considering the market and positioning of the product in India this vehicle will fit in the entry level luxury segment of 20-25 Lakh price range. If FCA India plans to localise it and make it in the range of 15-20 Lakh this will be an awesome hit provided marketing plan is full proof.

Most of the parts of Jeep Renegade are expected to produce locally and a mix of local plus global product will suffice the price that FCA will decide. We expect that engine and other major parts like dashboard will be imported while headlamps, rims and other small parts will be locally produced.

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