This 2017 Ford GT looks like a Fighter Plane on the Road -Video

Only 250 to be sold throughout globe with the price tag of of around $400,000, Ford is testing its latest supercar 2017 Ford GT on the road without any camo but an awesome army green colour that looks like a fighter plane on the road.

2017 Ford GT generations

2017 Ford GT generations

Youtube user DrScandalous managed to record a clip that gives us a detailed look of this latest supercar. Ford is testing various 2017 Ford GT prototypes, may be to create buzz about this supercar. The rear end of Ford GT is complete with rear spoiler and will surely sing the aerodynamics note. The rear spoiler and tail makes it look like just landed fighter plane on the road. The car is expected to hit market sometime around next year and Ford Engineers are working with full passion to complete this car.

A price tag of $400,000 means that will go in a league of Lamborghini Aventador and Lexus LF-A. This will be the most expensive car Ford made till now as it goes on sale sometime in the next year. In India, we will be happy to see this car with car enthusiasts like Gautam Singhania’s and Vijay Mallya’s car collection.

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