2017 Volvo S90 revealed in stolen scale model again!!

Volvo was successful in buying all but 2 of the stolen 20 scale models of the new S90 sedan leaked last month. One of the two has surfaced online with a low resolution but a clearer photo than the previous ones. Volvo had ordered 2000 scale models with the ratio of 1/43, off which 20 examples were stolen by an employee of the company ‘Norev’ which was assigned the task of building the models.

Alan Vissner, managing director for brand sales and advertisement, commented that he is actually happy with the leak and “he wished he was the one who leaked the scale models from the beginning.”

The S90 will be replacing the ageing S80 launched in 2006. The new sedan will be based on Volvo’s Scalable Platform Architecture which has been used on the XC90 as well. Apart from the platform, Volvo S90 will have lot in common with their newest SUV. Volvo’s next sedan will launch with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that uses both a turbocharger and a supercharger to generate 316 horsepower at 5,700 rpm and 400 Nm of torque from 2,200 to 4,500 rpm. An eight-speed automatic transmission will send power to all four wheels.

The S90 might just come with a hybrid drivetrain, combining the engine with a 60 horsepower electric motor located over the rear axle a smaller motor wedged between the engine and the eight-speed automatic. The car will be capable of 30 km range solely relying on electric power.

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On the exterior, the headlamps have the ‘Thor hammer’ LED’s in place, the trademark grille of vertical slats encased in chrome housing makes for a striking appearence. The roof flows very well into a short looking trunk, giving it an almost coupish look. Leather upholstery and features on the inside with path breaking safety features are expected  with the upcoming sedan.

2017 Volvo S90 will be pitted against  Mercedes Benz E-Class, BMW 5-series and the Audi A6. The S90 will be followed by V90 which will be a station-wagon, popular in European countries.



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