3 Indian Moms travel from India to London in a Scorpio

Rashmi Koppar, Dr Soumya Goyal and Nidhi Tiwari, three super moms from India took a 21,477 km road trip from Delhi to London in a Mahindra Scorpio. They did this in less than 100 days.

Meet a group pf three women who just did what the toughest of us will not prefer. Rashmi Koppar, Dr. Soumya Goyal and Nidhi Tiwari deiced to take a 21,477 km long road trip from Delhi to London and completed in less than 100 days! Yes, the figures are verified. The idea came out from Nidhi’s mind, she is the only driver among the trio. She has experience in off-road Jeeping, long distance and high altitudes driving. When she shared the idea with her friends, both of them took a break from their jobs and immediately joined her.

On the way to London

On the way to London

But, doing the trip all by themselves would have been difficult. But, Thanks to Mahindra First Choice, the company gave them a Mahindra Scorpio. So they were all geared up to do what they always wanted. Their journey begun in June 2015 and traveled around 600 km a day in the following flow :

India > Myanmar > China > Kyrgyzstan > Uzbe kistan >Kazakhstan > Russia > Finland > Czech Republic > Germany > United Kingdom.



But doing a 21,477 km journey which includes rough terrains and untraveled roads without any difficulty is next to impossible. They faced a range of problems but they did not even think of giving up. The main problem was language. They had to use sign language or Google translator in most of the countries.

The trio was brave enough to take on this expedition but they never risked their safety. “We avoided driving late at night, instead, spent evenings exploring the cities. In fact, we didn’t find a single woman driving on the highway till we reached Europe,” Dr. Soumya Goyal told TOI.

Difficulties - Puncture

Difficulties – Puncture

They even faced a landslide in Myanmar which was not at all expected. But, the landslide was not strong enough to stop the trio. “When we were stuck due to a landslide in Manipur, the locals offered to help us. We trusted them and stayed with their families and also got to taste home-cooked Manipuri food. The trip reinforced my faith in human goodness,” Rashmi was quoted as saying by TOI.

Selfie with locals

Selfie with locals

The trio with only one driver and no back up car completed their journey in the month of October. The journey was not easy but the three ladies do not seem to be fond of easy things. They have set an example for not only women but everyone around the globe who wishes to take such expeditions but doubt their caliber. They have created history by completing the journey in less than 100 days. Also, the Mahindra Scorpio became the first Indian car to cross the arctic circle. The Scorpio has proved itself of being a go-anywhere car.


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