3 Reasons why Mahindra Mojo would not interest buyers

Sorry Mahindra, but I am already writing the epitaph of your upcoming model, Mojo. I would be glad to see myself in wrong with this opinion, but I really think it is going to require a miracle.

Here are my reasons for believing ‘Mojo’ has no mojo left!!  

1. Delayed Launch

We saw the Mahindra Mojo at Delhi Auto Expo way back in 2010. Everybody was really excited about India getting its first ever homegrown premium sports motorcycle which was a rarity back in those days. The 300cc machine was exactly what the doctor ordered for India. It would have been a success had it been launched in 2010-11 because, there was no competition which would spoil the party for Mahindra. Now that the company has finally started the bookings of Mojo, it has  competition from no less than 6 bikes: KTM Duke 390, RC390, Benelli 300 TNT, Kawasaki Ninja 300, Honda CBR 250R, Yamaha R3. Agreed that only Honda CBR 250R and KTM Duke 390 are in the same price range as Mojo, but we cannot forget the Pulsar RS 400 which will be launched in few months time. The bike has lost almost five years to the competition in which it could have really delivered the much-needed push, Mahindra two-wheeler business required.

2. Brand Appeal

To be honest, Mahindra Two Wheelers Limited has not been able to bring in the required volumes which Mr Anand Mahindra would have imagined while acquiring Kinetic Motor Company Ltd back in 2008. Duro, Kine, Flyte, Rodeo, Gusto, Centuro, Panthero have seen little or no success. 7 models in 7 years mean Mahindra have tried everything in their hand but the brand has evaded the customers eye for some reason. I believe the Mojo will suffer a similar fate as the other models for the same reason. People splurging 2 lakhs on a bike want to show it off! People today are more brand conscious  than ever before. If you have the option to choose between world renowned brands and Mahindra Two wheelers, it’s an easy choice to make. Isn’t it?

3. Looks 

Even when it debuted, Mahindra Mojo had divided opinion on the looks. People either absolutely hated it or liked it. I choose the word ‘liked’ for a reason because nobody really loved it at first site. The design might grow on you slowly, but this isn’t an arranged marriage where you gradually fall in love with your partner. People are paying their hard-earned money and will always go for something that has mass appeal and looks to go with that swagger.



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