3 Year Old Iraqi Boy does Donuts in a BMW

When it comes to extreme car stunts, Arabs are the most wildest. Driving car on two wheels and while doing same changing tires to owning exotic car fleets, Arabs has everything extreme in the automotive world. This time we found one of the awesome yet unsafe stunt performed by 3 year old Iraqi kid. Have a look at this video below.

The 3 year old boy can barely reach pedals and posing for the camera. The guy who is shooting the video could be his father promoting him to do this dangerous stunt. The kid is not watching what is ahead of his car as he struggles to sit on seat and access pedals while controlling the steering.

However, teaching your son to drive outside public roads before the age of 17 (the legal driving age in Iraq) is one thing and handing him the keys to a car to perform stunts in an area surrounded by people is another thing. The boy’s skills at age of 3 is admirable, but we wish that this should not lead to accident that cause damage to to others and fatality to the boy. The only reason is there are no safety precautions while doing this.

No matter what we said above or the dangerous stunts this boy did, we will surely expect its compilation in next THUG LIFE video.


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