3200 Associates To Be Recruited By Bosch In India Out of 12000 Globally

Sounds good, exiting and even emotional when India is recognized as one of the prime top notching workaholic people it has within it. Yes, good news folks. Bosch is to appoint 3200 associates in India of which accounting 12000 globally.

The company which has 26000 associates (Including my friend J.B Sri Saravanan) in India is looking to expand its count and is aiming to keep up with the fast-growing segments of automobiles and electronics, and is looking to tap fresh graduates.

“Approximately 2,000-2,500 of the new hires in India will be for our Bangalore and Coimbatore offices, adding to our current number of 15,000 employees,” says Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions (RBEI) managing director and president Vijay Ratnaparkhe.

The hiring for RBEI, says Ratnaparkhe, is expected to be completed by the second quarter, with some spillover into the third quarter. Challenges abound in the process with rising attrition rates a concern. “Our leadership programmes and constant efforts to retain employees remain a major focus,” he says.

The country with the greatest need for recruiting trained graduates is India, says Ratnaparkhe. “Prospects are favourable for people just starting their professional careers, and almost every third position is open to potential associates with no previous work experience.”

Bosch India

Bosch India



The company has been focusing on campus engagement and activities, and is hiring from PSG College of Technology, Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore, RV College of Engineering, BMS College of Engineering, PES Institute of Technology, MS Ramaiah Institute of Technology, among others.

RBEI has filed approximately 500 patents in the past seven years, and has offices in India, Vietnam and Mexico, designing and developing innovative products. Bosch’s internal social media network, Bosch Connect, allows employees to share project information and hold ideation sessions. “It creates communities of specific interest,” says Ratnaparkhe. Employees are thus able to suggest their own ideas, creating a space for collaborative solutions.

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