5 Bikes you can buy under 2 lakh

There has been some serious competition in the 2 lakh segment. Manufacturers have been launching models one after the other to mark their territory and also give consumers better choices. We’ll be taking a look at the hottest bikes under the 2 lakhs segment here. 

KTM RC 200

ktm rc 200 india launch images 1

ktm rc 200 india launch image

KTM-SportMotorcycle AG’s RC 200 was a big hit when it was launched by Bajaj in India. Priced at 1.73 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Mumbai), this bike houses a 199cc engine which puts out 25bhp @10,000rpm and torque at 19nm @ 8,000rpm. This has a 6 speed transmission. Built on the famed trellis structure, This bike offers good stability at high speeds due to the aerodynamically designed fairings and looks like the perfect bike. The mileage claimed is around 35kmpl. This bike is a best track motorcycle of 200cc. 

Benelli TNT 25

Benelli TNT 25 Front

Benelli TNT 25 Front

The Italian manufacturer hasn’t made a big impact in the market so far, But it sure has got a lot of potential in all it’s models. Priced at 1.73 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Mumbai), the TNT25 this bike has a 249cc engine churning out 28.16 bhp @ 9,800rpm and torque figures are at 21.61nm @ 8,000rpm. Though the power and torque is very linearly delivered it is mated to 6 speed transmission. Although a bit more powerful than the RC 200, People still favour KTM till date.

Honda CBR 250R

Honda CBR 250R

Honda CBR 250R

The CBR range from Honda was one of the few proper sports bikes under the 2 lakh segment to take the market by storm when it was released. Priced at 1.69 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Mumbai) There is also a 150cc version. But this comes with a 249.60cc engine putting out 26.15 bhp of power and 22.90Nm @ 7,000rpm. Mated to a 6 speed manual transmission and also comes with ABS as an option. The fuel efficiency is little on the lower side claimed at 29kmpl. This bike is now getting a bit long in the tooth. Honda maybe can think about refreshing this bike up a bit and might look like this. 


Mahindra Mojo

2014 Mahindra Mojo 300

2014 Mahindra Mojo 300

Like the Benelli TNT 25, this is an understated bike. Priced at 1.65 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Mumbai),  the bike comes with a 295cc engine which tosses out 26.45 bhp @ 8000rpm and the torque figures are at 30nm @5,500 rpm. The serious sports tourer from Mahindra went through very hard testing and  since it’s launch, Mahindra has managed to sell around 500 units. The company has also received positive reviews from the Industry experts. Consumers should give this a try if they’re a little bored with rest of the competition. 

Royal Enfield Himalayan


Priced at 1.63 lakhs (Ex-Showroom Mumbai), it’s the newest kid in the block. Launched recently by Royal Enfield Motors, This bike has the most biggest engine of the lot!. Engine capacity is 410cc which froths with 24.50bhp @ 6,500 rpm and torque figures are 32nm @4500rpm. This is the only bike in our list that comes with 5 speed gearbox.  Specially designed for rough roads this bike would have been great product if the power and torque figures  As they say, There is no replacement for displacement. The higher swept volume will help riders climb uphill with ease. 

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