5 common driving mistakes that reduces life of your car.

These are some of the most common, 5 driving mistakes which reduce the life of your car.

1) Clutch action.

2) Over revving of the vehicle.

3) Driving a messy vehicle.

4) Rough shifting of gears

5) Parking your vehicle in a driving gear.

1) Clutch action:

Clutch action of vehicle

Clutch action of vehicle. (SOURCE)

Every driver has a different use of clutch as per his convenience. For any vehicle, there is an expiry date for each and every part on and in the vehicle. Some people who are afraid of driving in traffic jams or maybe are new learners happen to kick the clutch continuously while driving. Apart from this, there are people who are observed to release the clutch too late and it revs the car to a greater extent and makes the engine hot red. The clutch plates and the pressure plates have a limited life span of approximately some lack actions. After that, they might cease to work. Improper and excess use of clutch while driving might lead to a serious issue in later future.

2) Over revving of the vehicle:

Over revving

Over revving. (SOURCE)

This doesn’t seem that intense but yes it is a major cause to deteriorate your vehicle’s engines life. Over revving of the vehicle in order to flaunt it or in order to keep it running may lead to serious issues. The revving of any vehicle in neutral gear leads to rising engine temperature. AS on signals or traffic jams the vehicle isn’t moving and isn’t gaining any air from the radiator, the engine starts to heat up and burns more fuel and even more engine oil.

Heated up engines consume more engine oil and hence may result in making you visit the service station a bit early than expected.

3) Driving a messy vehicle:

Messed up vehicle.

Messed up vehicle. (SOURCE)

Although this might seem a few dads advice kind of thing but it really matters a lot. Whatever vehicle you drive, it needs regular cleaning. And cleaning not only means wiping the dust with a cloth but it means overall cleaning. The mud and the dirt might cause your vehicles floors to rust. Even further the radiator if not washed regularly the mud and dust might block it completely.

Blocking of the radiator might prove to be a major issue for you and your vehicle. Overheating of the engine might cause you problems later. And may cost you a fortune, hence it might prove to be more affordable to clean your vehicle professionally or at a car washing center.

4) Rough shifting of gears:

Gear Shifting

Gear Shifting. (SOURCE)

Although we all are great and die-hard fans of Paul Walker and Vin diesel we often forget at times that our cars are not even nearby to the Dodge charger or skyline the drive. Rough and rash driving often result in damage to the car’s engine. Rough and inappropriate shifting of gears results in causing damage to the clutch and pressure plated. In extreme cases or at high speeds they also might get jammed or break down. Smooth shifting of gears is a sign of good driving skills.

Rough gear-shifting show inefficiency of the driver and cause overheating of cars engine and hence might deteriorate the life of gears, clutch plates and even the transmission for that matter.

5) Parking your vehicle in a driving gear:

This is one of the most common mistakes young generation drivers do. Just as how we park our bikes in any gear, same like that people get used to driving their vehicles in the first or the second gear. While taking the vehicle out next morning they put the vehicle in neutral and then start it. This does not seem like a big issue but definitely is something that you should avoid doing. When you park your vehicle in the ear, all the tension of the vehicles weight is carried by the gear. The gear is not made to carry the tension of such heavy vehicles. Apart from that if you don’t drive that vehicle for a long period of time and if it lies in the parking lot for days then there might be an issue. When you park your vehicle for longer time periods then the gear and the clutch plates get jammed due to the tension mounted on them by the vehicle. This tension can cause breakdown of gears or if, not they might cease working. The amount of pressure the car exerts on the gears makes them undergo inertia of rest and hence they cease to move.

Hence if you try to start a car’s engine which was parked in a driving gear then it might jump off while starting or give a bumpy jump and refuse to start. So if you guys start that engine after years and the gear doesn’t shift at all, then you might have the need to tow your vehicle to the nearest service station. Hence to avoid this, always park in the neutral gear.

These are some things which might help you keep your beloved cars with you.

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