A Lamborghini gets two wheels

Bikers are supposed to be lunatics.

How do you take lunacy to a whole new level? Well there are a few prerequisites to that one. First you got to have a friend whose Lamborghini needs to be destroyed in a fire. Next the engine of the so called Lambo needs to still be functional. This engine needs to reach a mad biker who can only do what he can. MAKE A BIKE WITH A LAMBORGHINI ENGINE.

And thus lunacy is achieved.

So goes the story in Georgia USA that resident Chuck Beck had all the cosmos come together for him to build a motorcycle which was laced with a Lamborghini engine. Wonder if folks back home have tried something similar with a Maruti or a Honda engine onto an Enfield chassis. The result is nothing short of spectacular. With snake like hoods coming out from the engine bay, this machine has an aesthetic of its own. Its pure mechanical elements at work. A custom build linkage for steering and a peculiar radiator placement this creation sure raises eyebrows. This is a long vehicle and is probably not meant for your average track race. One might even debate if it is meant to be driven around at all. Well it was not built for racing or winning beauty peagants. I’d say Chuck just got curious with the Lamborghini engine lying around. We all remember Chrysler’s V10 Tomahawk, this is meant to compete with that. While Tomahawk never became street legal, there is little chance that this will see production as well. Full marks for effort and madness though.

PS: Do not miss to hear the engine in this video below.

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