Jay Kannaiyan after quitting his job in the US took a one way trip to India

Jay Kannaiyan, after quitting his job in the US in the year 2010 and took a one way trip back to India on a bike. The bike or SanDrina as he calls it was a Suzuki DR650. In March 2010, Jay quit his job, sold his house and all that he had to take a journey back to home. The journey took three years and three months. Jay traveled 1,00,000 km to cover 33 different countries or most of earth to get back to India.


The bike held all the necessities Jay needed along the journey. The goods that were carried along just consisted of some clothes, minimal camping material, some gadgets to cover the journey and told to keep the bike maintained. The journey was so long that it was not possible to plan all the things. Jay went through a lot of maps and travel blogs in months before the journey commenced.


He took off from Chicago and made his way through Mexico and central Amercia to get on a fishing boat to get to Columbia from Panama as there are no road connecting the North and South America. The journey was not supposed include any plane travel and hence it was a slow journey.


Jay taking a class on his journey

Jay reports to be a little nervous about Columbia but once he reached there everything was fine. The local bike community took care of him throughout the country. His father was guiding him about the countries he entered and all the news about the country was conveyed to Jay.


He then made it to the Amazon Rain Forest through the Andes. The Amazon has only a single muddy road that spreads from the North to South. It took Jay two weeks to get out of the jungle. Jay reported that there were no cities till a stretch of 3,000 km. He used to put down his tent wherever he felt safe. On the other side of the jungle was Brazilian coast which was covered by Jay to reach the tip of South America at Ushuaia. Then on Jay took a cargo ship to travel across the Atlantic. It was a 26-day journey.


After, that Jay traveled from Venice to enter Egypt which was just three months after their revolution. After getting into Kenya via Sudan, Jay took an extensive break. There Jay used to cook his mother’s recipe of Chicken Curry and served it to the locals. It was a very good experience for him and made him feel at home.


Jay sharing his mom’s recipe

The journey after that continued through the Southern Africa to Cape town. From Cape Town Jay entered into Indian waters via Chennai. Then the last part off the journey was from Kanyakumari to Kargil. Jay reports to have the best time at Ladakh. He entered into New Delhi in early June 2013 and completed his journey at the Indian Gate.


The pride he must have felt being an enthusiast cannot be mentioned. These are the times that make our lives worthwhile. Stories like this motivates us to listen to our gut feeling and take on journeys like this. But, what holds us back are our excuses. We all have at least a day off once a week. That is enough! So where are you planning to start?

Find a short video on his journey below.

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