Meet This Arm-less Car and Truck Designer

This is truly an inspirational thing which will blow your mind. We have seen armless people do labour work for their living. We have seen people without hands draw, we have seen them doing archery with their mouth, but here is an example of a being who designs and makes cars out of wooden ply sheets and believe me or not they are amazing.

The armless creator:

This is Geraldo Pereira, he has been a sensation all over the Internet since last week. Pereira travels all over the Brazil to make and sell these cars and trucks of his. Pereira who was born armless seems to have some keen interest in toy cars. Since then he uses wooden ply to give these toys some amazing curves and shapes and creates a truck or car out of it. He hammers nails in it, he cuts it, he paints it, he draws it, he does everything of it! and needless to say, that is really appreciable.

We all have a little artist in us who is as lazy as we are. Incomplete artwork, never ended paintings, half drawn sketches are always found in everyone’s books and diaries.This is the time you feel inspired! When a man like him can create cars out of a plane wooden ply sheet, then at-least why not?

Pereira with his amazing talent has become some what a personality there. Make sure whatever you do you shine among’st all! Looking at the video, he happens to be much keen of his designs as well. You can see a tanker truck, apart from that stake bed pickup trucks. In cars category you have convertibles as well hardtop cars. Not to forget that his creation has great amount of details on them, may it be car grilles or tanker lids! Absolute Genius!

In whatever scenario you maybe living, I’m sure you wont be able to survive a situation in which you’ll be left with no arms and just with ply woods and hammering nails, and still would be happy and flourish.

Hats off to this man!

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