Audi Q drive- Mud plugging, the quattro way

If this is what quattro can help us with, we're surely interested.

If this is what quattro can help us with, we’re surely interested.

Audi has always been known to break newer and newer ground with its quattro technology. Wait a minute, what’s that? quattro? Well, for the unititiated, let us explain that quattro refers to Audi’s all wheel drive system that has paid off rich dividends for Audi on the world rallying stage. All wheel drive is what you need when you need some serious traction and the ability to go around corners on unforgiving and slippery surfaces real fast. Let’s take an example to understand this better. Let’s say for instance, you are driving a normal front wheel drive or a rear wheel drive vehicle. On normal road surfaces you can make a pretty good job out of it but let’s change the conditions a bit. Let’s say it starts raining and you’re on a strip of unpaved road that is very quickly turning to slush. You don’t need to be Einstein to figure that over a course of time, your car will start slipping and sliding around due to lack of traction. With the conditions worsening, your wheels simply do not have the ability to propel you in the direction you want to go and you end up stuck with your wheels spinning helplessly.

Getting one wheel up- easy, quattro working fine-easy. Getting Rayomand Banajee help you out- priceless

Getting one wheel up- easy, quattro working fine-easy. Getting Rayomand Banajee help you out- priceless

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Anyone who has been foolhardy enough to take a regular car off road in the rains or onto a sandy beach can relate with this. Ergo, you’re stuck, so what do you do? Why obviously, you call for help hoping that someone can pull you out of this pickle that you have landed into. But what if you had the ability to pull yourself out all under your own power? Tempting isn’t it? You, my friend, have now started appreciating what a four wheel drive system can do for you. And that is precisely what the Quattro technology by Audi offers you. On demand traction to all four wheels regardless of how many wheels are actually in contact with the ground. It’s like serving up an equal quantity of meat to all four of your sons regardless of their strengths & weaknesses. To test this claim, Team AutoColumn tested the Audi Q5 in off-road conditions at the recent Audi Q Drive 2014 in Pune. If pulling yourself out of tricky surface conditions is what interests you, then by all means, do read on…

The Audi Q5 has been a proven performer on Indian roads until now. However, very few people have actually had a chance to really put the Q5 through the paces off the road and thus subject the quattro system to a trial by fire. We were there though and we did indeed put the technology to good use. Going into ditches, doing insane angles on surfaces with varying traction levels, scrambling up inclines and driving down crazy descent angles, we did it all and here’s the verdict. The system is robust, it gives you traction exactly where you need it and yes, on the Q5, the hill descent system was manna from the Gods. The confidence with which you can drive the thing into all kinds of weird terrain is reassuring especially knowing that the AWD will be able to take you through the worst of it with ease (of course with some specialist equipment if you’re the pure off-road type). But for most of the customers who are in the market for a decent soft roader that can give them reliable performance on the road with the added ability to handle things when the going gets rough the Q5 should already be ticking all the right boxes.

Ditches? What ditches?

Ditches? What ditches?

If you are the type of consumer that we mentioned earlier, the Q5 should be a tempting buy for you. And just in case you want to experience it first hand, do not hesitate to reach out to Audi. We are sure they would be more than willing to let you try out the quattro technology hands on. If you think AutoColumn has helped give you more insights into the product, do give us a shout. After all, you read it right here on AutoColumn.

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