Audi RS7 Facelift To Begin Sales In India.

What mesmerizes me so much is the newly launched RS7 Facelift is no longer the most powerful car produced by Audi, since the launch of limited-edition R8 LMX supercar and it still has the craze amongst the buyers and also has offered to enthuse the buyer who is willing to part with Rs 1.4 crore. What makes the Audi R8 LMX more powerful over R7 is that in Audi road car production, LMX has found all the 99 takers.


And yesterday, Audi launched its face lifted version of its already bonkers RS7 in India, more than a year after launching its previous edition which had subtle nip and tucks.

In this Audi RS7, engineers have reworked the headlights on the sportback with integrated dynamic turn signals, and the LED headlamps in Audi as an added option, much like the ones seen in the Audi A8 facelift. Although several changes were made to the exterior, the tail-lights in this new one have a new interior design.

2015 Audi RS7 Interior

2015 Audi RS7 Interior

The torque that could range 1750-5500rpm at 700Nm, it sure has some deep specs added and it will be a retreat to the buyers. However, the engine displacement is 3993cc, the speedometer ticks up till 255 (or even more), they claim and because Audi says the speed governor can now be deactivated upon customer request to permit a top speed of up to 305kph, provided you find the road to do so. . Nevertheless, Audi RS7 is available only in petrol and the fuel economy sounds a bit high than its previous edition. Still they claim, it could be 7.2 kmpl in city and 13.3 kmpl in Highways.

2015 Model Audi RS7

2015 Model Audi RS7


Much like the previous one, the engine transmission is automatic and the formidable rear seat is 60:40 split up. The one thing among the music enthusiastic while driving their car says that there is no DVD player and one hold music up to a certain limit. The most captivating scene is that, Audi is giving the RS Sport suspension plus with Dynamic Ride Control as an option.

Whatever the critics it may receive, Audi products convinces its prolific customers and this Audi RS7 is now available at a price of Rs 1.4 crore (ex-showroom Mumbai and Delhi), which is about Rs 10 lakh more than the outgoing car when it was last on sale.

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