Top 10 – Must Watch Automotive Videos

There are petrolheads and then there are petrolheads. The first will buy and maintain their cars and bikes and will talk about all things under the sun and the latter, well the only thing on their mind are their vehicles……nothing else. To celebrate this huge world of everything which uses an IC engine, we have compiled a list of videos which are a must watch on your list.

1. How Royal Enfields look so classy:

Any RE owner will tell you they love their bike, even if it sits in the service centre for three days per week for repairs. Why? This might be one of the reasons. Such passion and dedication is what makes them love their bikes!

2. How a differential works:

We know what a differential is but when asked to explain how it works all you can say is: MAGIC. But not after watching this video.

3. Kawasaki H2R vs Supercars

No description required, just take a look.

4. Tesla Motors Documentary

If there is anyone as revolutionary as Henry Ford in the world of Automobiles in the present generation, then it is none other than Elon Musk. Electric cars still have their fair share of critics but this video will just turn all non-believers into people who fantasize over electric cars.

P.S This is a full fledged 45 min documentary, you might want to get the bucket of popcorn ready.

Bonus video: Tesla VS Supercars!

5. These Truck Driving Skills

I apologize for the bad quality, but since i watched this video couple of years ago, my respect for Truck drivers just shot through the roof.

We have similar people in India with a bucket load of talent and skills who undertake such operations in the Himalayas! Don`t forget to check them out.

6. The slowest man on earth drives the fastest car on Earth.

You guessed it right, its James May vs Bugatti Veyron.

What an achievement for Captain Slow and a big thank you for giving us this thrilling experience!

And a big, big bow down to the pinnacle of automotive engineering, the Veyron!

Bonus Video: Captain Slow goes even faster!

7. Isle of Man TT Riders

A scientific fact: All riders who participate in this race have balls of carbon fiber and titanium!

8. Funny Accidents

You might have seen this already, but that does not take away from the fun of watching it again.

A simple Youtube search for “Funny Automobile accidents” shall open an entirely new world for you!

9. Supercar Idiots

Yes, the word idiots aptly describes these people who wanted to showoff or were just filthy rich to not give a second thought. Idiots!

10. The Greatest F1 Race ever!

The 1981 Spanish grand Prix at Jarama which saw Gilles Villeneuve emerge as a hero in a car which even Ferrari knew was competitive only for the First few laps.

The race was also one of the most competitive with the top 5 drives finish with 1.24 seconds of each other.

Pos No Driver Constructor Laps Time/Retired Grid Points
1 27 Canada Gilles Villeneuve Ferrari 80 1:46:35.01 7 9
2 26 France Jacques Laffite LigierMatra 80 + 0.22 1 6
3 7 United Kingdom John Watson McLarenFord 80 + 0.58 4 4
4 2 Argentina Carlos Reutemann WilliamsFord 80 + 1.01 3 3
5 11 Italy Elio de Angelis LotusFord 80 + 1.24 10 2


11. The entire series of TopGear



If you have not watched a single episode of this, you  have lost the right to call yourself a PetrolHead. Its sad that this show had an abrupt ending early this year, but that does not discount the tons of memories and laughs and knowledge and Oh Snap? moments this has given us. Hosted by the trio of an Orangutan, a hamster who had his teeth whitened and the worlds slowest man were often joined by a fourth figure, the man in the white suit, known as the Stig who is rumored to be the worlds greatest racing driver, they had madcap challenges and took digs at each other and politicians and car manufacturers and traveled around the world for these challenges.


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