Brand Jeep Compass SUV’s suspension breaks in India

This has to be the stuff nightmares are made of. Jayanta Phukan from Assam just bought a brand new Jeep Compass from Mahesh Motors, Guwahati, and while driving home, faced suspension failure. Yes, on a vehicle that had run just 172 kilometers in 3 hours. Even the satin ribbons on the Compass were intact.

Here is a first person account of the event by Jayanta Phukan, the owner of the Compass in question.

Yesterday I have taken the delivery of my Jeep compass car at Mahesh Motors Guwahati. On the way to Duliajan near Nagaon the car broke down the co-passenger side front wheel with drive shafts came out from the car and I somehow managed to stop the car. It’s a serious safety issue. Multinational company are selling such poor quality products in India which may cause fatal. I drove the car for just 3 hrs/172kms only. Looking forward for your suggestions what to do!!!!”

Who’s to blame?

For now, it’s too early to point fingers at anyone. Assuming that the Compass in question wasn’t abused, there could be multiple reasons why this happened.  From damage during transit, poor quality control at the Jeep factory or even poor pre delivery inspection at the dealership, there are many things that could have done wrong, leading to this event. But there’s no taking away the fact that it’s indeed quite tragic and shocking for an owner of a brand new Jeep Compass to have to face something like this.

What next?

The owner needs to contact a Road Side Assistance service, either from Jeep or from his insurance provider. The vehicle needs to be towed to the service center, and we hope that Jeep sends across someone from the factory to investigate what went wrong. While it would be ideal for Jeep to replace the Compass with a new vehicle considering how new it was, weak consumer protection laws in India mean that the company will only offer to fix the vehicle for the customer. Either ways, this is something that will reflect badly on the Jeep brand. We look forward to Jeep India’s official response on this matter.

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