Bus drives in 5 ft. water clog in Chennai – Video of the Day

Amazing Bus driver drives in a water clog which is around 5 ft. deep.

We all are aware of what is happening in Chennai. The rains and flood have seized the life cycle. The things are getting better now but the disaster has created lot of damage. The automobile sector is facing a lot of problems due to the rains. The major auto parts suppliers and a number of automakers have their factories in Chennai. These factories have stopped functioning due to the rains. The waiting period of vehicles have also increased.

The roads are clogged with waters. Some clogs are as deep as five and six feet. It is a very dreadful situation. At such a time, a bus driving in the water has made it to our Video of the day. You must have seen off-roaders like Land Rovers and G Wagons drive in 3 or 4 ft. deep waters with no problem whatsoever. These skills are a gift of the excellent engineering and smart software that control the cars.

What if we tell you the Video of the Day for today features a bus which is being driven in a water clog at least 5 ft deep. Yes, it has happened. A local bus driver with people flooding the bus has done this to take the people to some safe place. The bus goes into the waters and the waters reach the windshield. Now, imagine the waters coming up to the windshield what the situation must have been. But, the driver did not seem to be worried.

It is very difficult to drive in such situations. The water does not go into car only if the exhaust is continuously throwing out gas. The pressure does not allow the water to enter inside the exhaust. However, keeping the vehicle on is also a great task as a perfect harmony should be created between the clutch and accelerator or the car will stall and the engine will stop. So, the driver here has a done a very good job. Kudos!

Now, watch this amazing video below. Happy Motoring!

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