Car DIY to complete over the weekend

If i had a dollar everytime i thought about doing some changes or adding to my car, i`d bought a Ferrari by now. I bet even you have thought about the same but did not find the right inspiration or idea to do so. So i decided to list out a few of my favorite car DIYs for getting you started.

Footwell lights: Take a simple wire connection from the overhead cabin light to the passenger/driver footwell and solder on a LED strip.

DIY Footwell Lighting


Cost: around INR200

It substantially increases the appeal of your car.

Dustbin: Ever felt the dilemma of keeping your car clean and yet not harming the environment by throwing out the window? A used tissue box works well as a makeshift dustbin. And it fits easily under the front seats! You can try this with an old plastic container as well.

DIY Dustbin


Wiper Blades/Spark plug replacement: if you do feel the wipers are not upto the mark or feel there is a problem with the spark plugs, you can easily replace them yourself in a less than a couple of hours. If you are upto it, replacing the fuel filter can also be undertaken.

DIY Wiper Change


Door and boot noise damping: a simple Yoga mat cut to specifications at home can work wonders at reducing the outside noise coming inside the cabin.

This Team-bhp post might be an inspiration and an example as well.

Make a Car Kit: get a medium sized box with what you think is important in case of an emergency. We list out the things we think are necessary. You can select accordingly:

First Aid Kit, Towing rope, torch (with extra batteries), jumper cables, puncture repair kit. Don’t forget a swiss knife. You can never underestimate the usefulness of a Swiss Knife.

Rain Poncho/Umbrella: In a tropical country like India, an umbrella or a poncho kept folded in the boot throughout the year will help you out while changing a tyre in the rains.

Fire Extinguisher: If you have a CNG or an LPG converted car, you probably have an extinguisher provided by the company. If not, get one and keep it in the car. Petrol/diesel users can also keep it handy for “mann ki shanti”, especially with the heat and sub-standard MODs many people undertake. Again, it can fit below the front seat or in the front passenger footwell.

Fire Extinguisher Under Front Seat


Manual: Last but a very important thing, never forget to keep your cars manual and other reference books you got with the car IN the car. In case of most small frequently occurring problems, they will guide you through it easily and in the shortest time possible.

If you have tried any DIY with your car, we would love to see it and add it to our list. Share the pics on our Facebook page and we might just give you a shout-out.


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