Chevrolet Boajun 330 spied

Spy shots have revealed that Chevrolet has begun it’s preproduction prototype of the Boajun 330 that has just surfaced in the internet. It also reveals the final exterior and interior design, as well as equipment offered.

Its for sure that the General Motors has 43% stake in the company and its losing money. With all this, the new Boajun 330make has created speculations on the GM side and here they claim it can resurrect the pace that was lost years back. Adding more to that, Boajun 330 is based on the previous generation Chevy Sail sedan. But then, this make from the cool Chevy is a sub-brand of the SAIC-GM Wulting joint venture, and thus will cater to the entry level segment.

Rather being clone to its predecessor, the Boajun 330adopts a new design that bears little resemblance to its American counterpart. For an entry level sedan, Boajun 330looks a perfect match and given that it features a large LCD touch screen display and a grand interior. Boajun 330 measures an overall length of 4300mm and 1748mm of width, 1500mm of height and a wheelbase of 2520mm.

However, Chevrolet Sail did a huge breakout for general motors; here, they say, Boajun 330 is so captivating in its looks and it targets the entry level sedan buyers. It however has a decent look overall; the Boajun 330 will have a power packed 1.5litrr four-cyclinder petrol engine powering 109bhp, and mated to a five speed manual transmission. Adding more, this engine designed for Boajun330 is now available with the recent Sail dispatch although it is paired to a six-speed manual.

Making a mark to itself, Boajun 330 will be the company’s newest entry level sedan in the crowded Chinese market. Boajun 330 will mark its debut in the 2015 Chengdu Auto Show followed by a market launch. Integrating more on this, a hatchback version of Boajun 330will be released by 2016, according yo Chinese reports.

With Essential already set to come out, this new upcoming launch from Chevrolet is going to be really interesting and can even be a game changer. We will have to wait and watch for all.

[Source: auto.163]


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