CNG could cause cancer- Report

Compressed Natural Gas, better known as CNG is assumed to be a cleaner option to diesel and was the sole reason behind opting instead of the traditional fuel. However a new study has found out that CNG could be lot more harmful in the long run. The study by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) states that CNG run vehicles are harmful for humans as they emit nanocarbon particles which can be a reason for cancer. 

These nanocarbons are carcinogenic according to the study by Dr. Garg, Director General of CSIR. Carcinogenic substances are directly or indirectly involved in cell division faster than normal rate which could increase DNA changes that leads to cancer. Most of the public transport buses in the national capital Delhi run on CNG and this is a serious issue that government need to take up if Dr. Garg’s findings are true.  

“Natural gas is supposed to be a clean fuel….We did a study with a professor from University of Alberta (Canada), where he developed a machine that measures the particle size and distribution of the exhaust from an IC (Internal Combustion) engine. We put this machine on (exhaust tail pipe) a natural gas-powered DTC bus in Delhi and rode around the city.” said Dr. Garg during his address at the Global Green Energy Conclave held at Ahmadabad. 

Dr.Garg was quoted “You have these nano carbon particles floating around the atmosphere of Delhi. These nano carbon particles can enter straight through your nose into your lungs and can penetrate through the membranes right into your blood. They can be very rich in polynuclear aromatics which is carcinogenic. One thing the nano particle provides, is a huge surface area per unit volume.

Dr. Garg also said that the black smoke coming out from diesel engines is equally harmful as the unvisible smoke  emitted by CNG vehicles. The emission study was carried out on few buses in Delhi with one professor from Alberta University who has developed a device to measure and analyze the nanocarbon emission.  

We believe the government should be far sighted in all aspects or governing, especially the ones which could affect the well being of the masses. The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research established in 1942 is an autonomous body and India’s largest research and development (R&D) organisation which should be taken seriously. This cannot be rubbished as some anti-India propaganda by a foreign funded NGO and needs serious attention. We at Auto Column urge the government to look into the seriousness of the issue and act before it’s too late.  

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