Delhi to restrict the usage of private cars based on registration number

The law will be in action from the 1st of January 2016 for two weeks on a trial basis. It will be implemented after the Government is able to provide sufficient public transport.

In a rather shocking move, Delhi Government in an urgent meeting called by the Chief Minister, Arvind Kejriwal, has decided to propose a law that will restrict the use of private cars according to the registration number. According to the proposal, the cars with an even number at the end of the registration number will be allowed to be driven on one day and those with odd number on another. So, if you live in Delhi, you will be allowed to use your private car on every alternate day.

This move by the Delhi Government aims at cutting down the pollution. The proposal was drafted just one day after the High Court stated that living in Delhi is like ‘living in a gas chamber.’ The statement was made due to the rising pollution which is making the air nearly poisonous.

If implemented strictly, it will cut down pollution by 50%. The roads will see considerably less traffic as the law will restrict around 2 million cars to enter the road. This law will not be applicable to CNG buses, auto rickshaw, taxis and other public transport. However, cars coming from other states will have to comply with the law.

Around 1500 new vehicles enter Delhi roads everyday. So such move is important to cut down the pollution and heavy traffics. Similar law was passed in 2008 in Beijing before the Olympics. The vehicles were restricted for two months. On the brighter side, vehicle owners were compensated in vehicular taxes for three months.

So, it will be a site worth seeing when this law finally gets implemented after the clearances from various departments. We all know how much time do these clearances are sanctioned by the Indian authorities. So for now Delhi citizens can relax and enjoy the traffic. 😉


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