Does synthetic oil really make any difference?

Most of the people out there don’t understand or don’t want to know what kind of oil their vehicle is running on. While there are these people, you also have car enthusiast on the other hand who spend a lot of extra money to refill synthetic oil in their vehicles. For the People who don’t know what the difference is, let us know more about it.

Synthetic v/s Regular Engine Oil :

Synthetic v/s Engine Oil. (SOURCE)

Synthetic v/s Engine Oil. (SOURCE)

Synthetic oils are higher grade oils. They have a higher grade of viscosity. Viscosity is the term which is used to describe the thickness of the fluid. The more viscous the fluid is, the lesser solubility factor it has. Synthetic oils are denser in nature and hence they last much longer than regular oils. If regular oils last for three to four months, then synthetic oils last for six to eight months.

Scientific Factor :

Science and Complexion (SOURCE)

Science and Complexion (SOURCE)

Apart from that engine oils need to maintain their viscosity while variable engine temperatures. Engine oil has a variable viscosity index. While you start you engine in the morning, the engine oils viscosity can’t be at a higher index, because if happens so then you might not be able to get the engine running. Hence at such points, the viscosity index needs to be lower to help start the engine easily and smoothly.

Technical Reasoning :

When the engine is not running and cold, the oil has a tendency to be a bit denser and hence while starting the engine it helps a smooth start. When the engine heats up, the oil expands and gets a more tangled chemical structure. Hence both, at higher and lower temperatures synthetic oil proves to be the best kind of lubricating agent for your vehicle.

On the other hand, regular oil’s need different kinds of additives in them, in order to have at least some of the properties which synthetic oil has. These additives may include solvents which have different heat resistant capacities and hence it can cause a problem. Thus instead of adding additives to your regular engine oil, go for a synthetic engine oil. Synthetic engine oil costs considerably higher than regular engine oils, but it lasts exactly double than that of regular engine oil.

Whenever you get a chance please prefer synthetic engine oil over regular engine oil. Keep a check on your vehicle’s oil levels, you should be aware of all these things about your vehicle. Your vehicle deserves that time of yours.

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