The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a used Car – Part-2

In the first part of the Do’s and Don’ts of buying a used car, we have explained few points that you must check while buying a used car and here we are listing another few points that are DONT’s in buying a used car.

The Don’ts of Buying a used Car

Don’t Rush your Test Drive

While you are excited about buying the first car, most of the time you tend to neglect few things that are really important for making a decision to buy a used car just because you liked the car at first glance. Ensure you allocate the appropriate time for the test drive. Every test drive is a sale situation and a good salesman can use your lack of time to his advantage and sell you something which is not worthy.

Don’t bring the family along for the first time

It is likely that the family will be too distracting for the first time inspection of the car. However, do bring along a spouse or partner who is sharing the decision-making process.

Don’t let the salesman dictate the route

You will need to have some clear idea as to where you are going so that you can test the car appropriately. Plan a route on google maps around the car location so that you can test drive the car on different terrains.

Don’t let the salesman distract you

If you find that the salesman is disturbing your driving experience with his sales pitch make sure to tell him firmly but politely that you need to focus on the drive. There are chances that at some point of a test drive salesman might start to distract you just because something in the car started making noise which is no intended.

Don’t forget to ask Questions

Make out a list of questions to ask the salesman before doing the test drive. For example, if it’s a very old used car, you will want to find out when the timing belt was done last or how many previous owners it had or even if the previous owner had service records or repairing history.

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