The Do’s and Don’ts of Buying a used Car – Part-1

The Indian car buyer is preferring to buy a used car rather going for a brand new one. Here we come up with some DO’s and DON’ts of buying a used car. Most of the time few things are ignored because of the lack of the knowledge or lack of expertise but here we have summed up few lists that are you should DO while buying a used Car. Allow us to explain.

The DO’s of  Buying a Used Car

DO Your Homework

Do your homework

Learn about all the options that come standard with the car you are going to drive and get familiar with more important specs like engine size and fuel economy. Also check what features like power steering, infotainment system and alloy wheels come standard with the variant.

Inspect the Interior

DO Inspect the Interior

DO Inspect the Interior

Open and close all the windows, turn the wipers and lights on and off, push the seat back and forward, turn the infotainment system on and off, play songs from speakers with USB as well as CD.

Try a Range of Roads

DO Try Different Types of Roads

DO Try Different Range of Roads

The car you willing to buy might have some niggles in terms of suspensions. Drive it on highways, village roads so that you can test the car suspensions, handling, and speed. Also notice if suspensions are making any squeaking sound, this might be a leakage in dampers. This is the most common flaw in used cars.

Check the Gears

DO Check the Gears

DO Check the Gears

It is really important to understand the driveability of the car and also the smoothness of the transmission. Drive the car up the revs in all gears and make sure to change back down through the gears as well. This will ensure the smoothness of the gearbox and also give a clear idea about how it is used or maintained earlier.

Test the Brakes

Do Check The Brakes

Do Check The Brakes

Use an appropriate stretch of road to test the brakes functioning. While braking, the car should pull up straight with no noise or pulling one side.

Apart from these above points, there are points like service history check, insurance, earlier repairs check, an exterior check of the car is also helpful to have a good conditioned car that will not put another hole in your pocket post purchase.


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