Ducati India’s lineup detailed

Ducati arrived in India in 2012, teaming up with Precision Motors to launch their motorcycles. However, it was a decision that Ducati would regret, since they were unable to effectively manage their sales as well as after sales services. This resulted in Ducati digging up its own grave in India and left enthusiasts and owners with a bitter experience. Since 2012, things have changed with Audi purchasing a 100% stake in the company via Automobili Lamborghini. Now Ducati is back, and it has brought along an arsenal of its finest machines.

            Ducati is set to enter the country in March or April of this year, with showrooms in Mumbai and Gurgaon. First on the list is that Ducati has started making service and spares for older customers. The company also has service technicians trained and ready for all operations. Next are the bikes that Ducati have lined up which are :

Ducati Hypermotard SP

Ducati Hypermotard SP

  • Hypermotard SP: As the name suggests the Hypermotard is a performance bike with 110 bhp and 89 Nm of torque with a rev limit of 9,250 rpm. The Hypermotard SP is a superbike that can achieve maximum performance on any terrain.Prices should start upwards of Rs. 10 lac.
  • Ducati Diavel

    Ducati Diavel

  • Diavel: A cruiser with super-bike characteristics that comes with 162 bhp and 130.5 Nm of torque while revving to 9,250 rpm. Given that it weighs just 210 kg, it has a power to weight ratio of 771 bhp per tonne, which is more than you get from a Pagani Huayra. It is speculated to be priced between Rs. 13.82 lac and Rs. 37.20 lac.
  • Ducati 1199

    Ducati 1199

  • 1199 Panigale: The crown jewel of the Italian stable, the 1199 was the most powerful production twin-cylinder engine motorcycle and also had the highest power to weight ratio. It came with a engine giving 195 bhp at 10,750 rpm and 133 Nm of torque at 9000 rpm. With a kerb weight of just 188 kg, it has a power to weight ratio of 1037 bhp per ton, almost double than a Bugatti Veyron.
  • Ducati Monster

    Ducati Monster

  • Monster Series: The Monster series are a collection of super-bike cruisers. The versions to be launched are the Monster 1200, 821, 796, 795 and S2R. Prices are estimated to be within Rs. 7 lac to Rs. 25 lac.
  • Ducati Scrambler

    Ducati Scrambler

  • Scrambler: The Scrambler is Ducati’s version of a retro bike with modern technology, as well as a modern day homage to the original model that was made from 1962 to 1974 . The Scrambler is a single cylinder engine with a claimed 75 bhp at 8,250 rpm and 68 Nm of torque. The Scrambler is also a comfortable cruiser with a padded seat. Prices should be around Rs. 6.38 lakhs.
  • Ducati 899 in India

    Ducati 899 in India

  • 899: The mid range super-bike which takes design cues from the 1199 Panigale has 148 bhp and 99 Nm of torque with a red-line of 10,750 rpm. The bike has a 6 speed gear box and weighs just 169 kgs. Prices are around Rs. 13.20 lakhs
  • Multistrada: The Multistrada is designed to be a future generation bike, with a Testastretta DVT engine and the distinctionof being the only bike in the world with variable timing on all cylinder valves. It also has a vast array of electronics that help it have 160hp and yet give a smooth ride with low fuel consumption.

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