EICMA 2015 : Honda CB Six50 Concept

[tps_header] Honda CB Six50 concept is a scrambler based on the CB650F and CBR650F.[/tps_header]


Honda CB Six50 at EICMA 2015

The scramblers have become so popular that all the leading motorcycle manufacturers now have a Scrambler in their line-up. But, some companies like Honda are still to add scramblers to their portfolio. However, the Japanese manufacturer showcased the Honda CB Six50 concept at the EICMA 2015. The Six50 is a scrambler based on the CB650F and CBR650F. But, Honda has admitted that the concept is just a designing exercise by Honda R&D Europe.


Honda CB Six50 Rising Exhaust and Bash Plate

The Honda CB Six50 concept has been designed to look like a proper scrambler. But, unlike the other companies, Honda chose to give a more modern character to the bike. The Six50 gets wired spoked wheels wrapped by knobby tires, a bash plate to protect the header pipes and a rising exhaust. All these designing cues support the off-roading character of the bike.

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Honda CB Six50 Digital Display

Honda has given up the usual round shaped headlight for a new rectangular light. The Honda CB Six50 concept also gets a smartphone sized digital display. The red colored seat rises up towards the rear to reach a very minimalist tail. Similar red colored stripes are also seen on the fuel tank.

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Honda CB Six50 Rectangualar Headlamp

The handle bars are reshaped to look more like motocross handles. The handle bar is also fitted high on the triple clamps to provide a more off-roading position.

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Honda CB Six50 Seat

However, the 4-cylinder engine may not be the best choice to get off the tarmac. The expensive parts used may also stop you from letting things go dirty. Further more, the stock telescopic forks will act as a barrier. Honda has no intenstion of getting the Six50 under production in near future. But, the scrambler will surely stand in Honda showrooms some day.


Honda CB Six50


Honda CB Six50

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