Father drifts with little son : Video of the Day

Today’s Video of the Day shows us the growing up of legendary drivers. It is takes into the childhood of such drivers an it is scary. Our video features a father who buckles up his little son in his car and starts drifting. The boy will not be older than 5 years. His is all chilled out in the beginning but as the speed increases, he shouts his throat out.

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The boy after this either become a very good driver himself or he will hate his father for doing this to him. The video starts with the boy helping his father in changing the wheel of his car. Moments later. The father is Seen buckling his son up in the bucket seats. The car used is a proper drifting machine with a roll cage and different switches for fuel and ignition. The engine roars with a little push on the ignition button.

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What follows is a journey the boy will never forget. His father sets off with the wheel marks on the road. The car used is fitted with hydraulic brakes like all the drifting and rally cars. The rest of the video is focused on the boy. He bends on the left when car goes to the right and vice versa. He starts shouting when the tail of the car gets out for the first time and laughs till the car comes to a halt.

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The boy’s expression cannot be described in words. You will have to see the video for it. So the video is below which requires just one minute of time to cheer you. We will be back with one more video tomorrow. Till then, Happy Motoring! 🙂

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