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After a disastrous episode with the Shreyans Group, Ferrari has finally announced their come back with two new dealers in India. Navnit Motors located in Mumbai and Select Cars in Delhi. Ferrari has plans to bring their entire range for the Indian market through these dealers, Also the Italian car manufacturer is planning to include more dealerships over the coming years.

The Shreyans Group proved to be a nightmare for the legendry automaker. The group cheated customers by absconding with the money they paid as a booking amount. Even after such hit the customers are eager for Ferrari’s come back to India so that they can order their dream car. Everybody at some time in their life thinks of having a Ferrari and few get to live their dream.

2014-LaFerrari FXX K - Back Three Quarters

2014-LaFerrari FXX K – Back Three Quarters

This time Ferrari might be a liitle cautious while considering any new dealership. However, even after the Shreyans Group disaster the buyers are ready to forget what happened and place their orders as and when Ferrari re-enters the Indian market. Ferrari is brand where prices are not discussed, quality and power are the factors that are worshipped and buyers are ready to bear the losses as long as they get to ride in their dream super car, at least this is the picture we get to see in India.

Source : ACI

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