Fiat plans new Adventure with Punto

In case you were wondering what will Fiat display at the 2014 Delhi Auto Expo apart from the facelifted Linea, here it is. It is the Punto Adventure, a compact SUV.

Fiat announced in late 2012 about making plans for a B-segment SUV and everyone has been guessing what it will be since then. We and many others guessed it would be the 500X but, it isn`t.

Fiat Punto Adventure Rear

Fiat Punto Adventure Rear


The Punto Adventure is just a Punto on stilts yet somehow it looks better than the Cross Polo and the recently surfaced Cross Etios. A huge bonus is due to the Italian designers working at the Fiat factory it seems.

Read about the Cross Etios here.

The Adventure will not have any new things to offer under the bonnet though. It is expected to carry forward the 1.3 litre MJD and the 1.4 litre FIRE engine. We, in India, love Fiat`s MJD (Multi-Jet Diesel) engine and can`t get enough of it. Offering a diesel will help Fiat generate the sales numbers the company deserves and is waiting for.

What we can see from the pictures is an arm under the spare wheel which signifies that the car will have a sideways opening boot-lid. The test mule was not covered and hence we can make out that the plastic moldings on the rear bumper make it appear rugged and ready for off-roading.

"Adventure" Embossed spare wheel cover

“Adventure” Embossed spare wheel cover

We can make out the word “Adventure” embossed on the spare wheel cover.

The car will carry forward the FWD from the Punto hatch and Fiat is expected to offer a Traction control system as an added feature.

Fiat relaunched itself in the Indian market in 2008 with the announcement of the Linea and the Punto. Both the cars were launched in 2009 and received good reviews from auto journalists as well as car lovers. Somehow this did not set the cash register ringing for the company as the Indian mindset was not ready for an upmarket “FIAT”.

Slowly and steadily the Linea and Punto have made their own place in heart of people who long for a good drivers car but with luxury features.

Nothing can be said about the pricing but expect it to give nightmares to the Duster and Ecosport. And, like Fiat, we also hope this car does perform well in the Indian market.



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