Ford appoints Kumar Galhotra as the president of Lincoln

Lincoln Motor Company is a division of Ford which manufactures luxury cars and is mostly sold in North America and the Middle East. Now the company which is based in the US has plans to bring Lincoln in China by the year 2016. Mark Fields recently became the chief executive of the company and has put forth the plan to increase Lincoln’s reach till China. Another change in the chair was of the president; Kumar Galhotra has been crowned as the president of Lincoln.

Kumar Galhotra Appointed Lincoln President

Kumar Galhotra Appointed Lincoln President

Kumar Galhotra used to look after the engineering department for Ford and now has replaced Jim Farley for presidency. Mr. Farley will still be working with Ford as the Chief of Global marketing. 44,544 cars are sold by Lincoln till date and this number corresponds to 16.3% increase in 2013. During the same time other car manufacturers had sold higher number of cars in the U.S. Lexus sold 138,689 cars, Audi had completed 84,349 deliveries and even Volkswagen managed to sell more than 80 thousand cars. The 16.3% increase was due to the introduction of midsize vehicles like the MKZ and the MKX.

Lincoln MKZ 2013


Ford is making a lot of changes in the management recently. Paul Mascarenas is the current vice president of research and advanced engineering who will be retiring on the 1st of October. He worked for 32 years with Ford mostly in the area of profitable cars and trucks. Ken Washington will be the new vice president of research and advanced engineering when Mr. Mascarenas retires. Mr. Galhotra will now be the face of Lincoln and will be heading the decisions like global expansion, product development, marketing, sales and services.

Kumar Galhotra is also the vice president of Ford Motor company and had previous designations as the vice president, engineering(2013), vice president of product development for Asia Pacific and Africa(2009) and many more since he joined the company in the year 1988. In 2005 and 2008 Mr. Galhotra was shifted to the Mazda’s headquarters for product planning and program management. He has a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and was born and brought up in India.

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