Ford Ecosport DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps) now officially in India.

The Ford Ecosport has always been a looker. The butch front, nice strong shoulder lines, tasty 16″ alloy wheels and a proper mini-SUV stance has worked well in India. So much, that waiting periods of different variants ran into many months, and dealers refusing to accept further bookings of the car until Ford was able to keep up with the demand.

Also, from its onset, Ford has provided a wide range of Official Accessories for the Ecosport, to allow people to individualise their vehicles. A lot of after-market accessories are also available, including crash guards, roof racks, chrome kits and Daytime Running Lamps (DRLs).


Ford Ecosport with DRL

Taking note, Ford has introduced DRL equipped headlamps in their official accessory list, termed as ‘Signature Headlamps’, and priced it at Rs. 14,000/- (fourteen thousand only), inclusive of fitting. (Rs. 12,990/- without fitting).

Customers opting for the ‘Signature Headlamps’ kit will get a brand new, export-spec headlamp assembly set complete with all the required wiring and connectors. The old headlamp assembly set can be retained by the customer itself, making the kit a replacement,  rather than a modification/add-on. The warranty of he vehicle remains unharmed with this kit fitted, a major advantage over after-market kits that may void warranty.

At the price, the kit is only slightly more expensive than similar after market ones (we got quotes ranging from Rs. 9,000/- to Rs. 11,500/-). Considering that the India-spec headlamps (DRL ready, but not equipped with DRL) cost Rs. 11,000/-, Rs. 12,990/- seems to be a fair price for this kit.

Note: The kit does not offer DRL + side-indicator function, unlike many aftermarket kits.

DRLs are an important safety kit, used worldwide and also mandatory in some EU countries. DRLs gained importance with their increased use in Scandinavian countries, where in winters, even the days are almost dark and require vehicles to keep their headlights ‘on’ at all times, for visibility and safety reasons. In the 1970’s, this led to the invention of ‘perception lights’, an auxiliary set of lights on the front of the vehicle, which consumed lesser power, and were independent of the vehicle lighting system (consuming only 25W, as opposed to 150W, reduced load on engine as the headlights, tail-lights and interior console lights did not run without reason).

Modern LED equipped DRLs are an evolution of these lights, and most consume only 5W.

Most after-market DRL fitting require to to switch on the parking/pilot lamps of the vehicle, which is an improper way to connect DRLs, as they also turn on the console lights and tail-lights resulting in increased consumption and ultimately increased fuel consumption. We hope that the kit Ford provides uses DRLs in the proper way, and not just as the visual trend DRLs have recently become.

Note: The DRLs on the export-spec Ecosport are nowhere as bright as the kits that we are used to seeing on road (more like the Mahindra XUV 5OO like, compared to the Force One), so we suggest you to review before you purchase.

We also hear that an electric sunroof will be added to the official accessory list soon, making our Ecosport visually similar to the export spec one, which incidentally is also made in India. (40% of Ecosport made in India are exported). Pricing of the sunroof kit however, is yet unknown.

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