Four Door Koenigsegg might come alive in 5 years!

Do you ever fancy driving really fast with a couple of friends sitting in the car with you? And by fast, i mean really “Sonic” fast? Koenigsegg might just help you with that, soon.

Christian von Koenigsegg said the company was considering “something like this, maybe in the next 5 years” when asked about a 4-door supercar. He was speaking at the launch of the Regera, a 1800 BHP monster of a car at the Geneva Motor Show.

Koenigsegg Regera side profile

Koenigsegg Regera side profile

You can read all about the Regera in this special report.

Koenigsegg currently manufactures only 11 cars per year, a really limited production but which fits for a hypercar. By next year, the company aims to double the capacity to 22 cars a year.

Koenigsegg has always been a futuristic company and Christians new vision is a cam-less engine. he describes it as “The way I see it, if you view the engine as a piano, and the valves as keys, with a camshaft, you’re playing the piano with a broomstick.” You cannot argue with a man who shows such dedication and passion about anything.

This technology has been in development for the past 14 years by a dedicated team of 8 engineers and Christian says its not just for Koenigsegg, he has spoken to a few OEMs as well.

He explains the cam-less engine tech as follows “The first thing is to shut off two valves. Then if you get rid of the throttle body – because you can throttle with the valves – you can open them a little or a lot, you get better response than butterflies on an intake tract, because you’re in the combustion engine.

“Thirdly you can shut off cylinders completely like Audi is doing, but you don’t have to choose just two to do it. And fourth, you can have any valve timing you want – a diesel-like character, or an F1-type character because you have no restriction whatsoever in cam profile.”

Source: Topgear UK

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