Friction: A web series about Indian automobile culture

Something that touches your heart while watching ‘Friction’ is how soulfully it was shot and the passion of each and every person featured in this 8-Episode series. The struggle that people go through to be able to follow their passion in life is motivating, galvanizing you to think if you are following your passion, there cannot be a more happier soul in the world.

‘Friction’ was developed by Cycling Octopus, a Pune based content creator on YouTube. Every frame in these episodes show what passion can do to you and what can be achieved when you are driven with motive. The series revolves around people who have contributed to things that move on the road and how they are extraordinary beneath their ordinary frame and faces.

This series is a compilation of 7 stories about love for things that move on the road. The ‘modifier’ family of Chavan’s, the restorer Prakash Kunthe, Divya Tate who is amongst the pioneers of ultra-cycling in India, Abhijit Lonkar whose undying passion to eke out life from dying cars and motorcycles, Vikram Pendse and Pandurang Gaikwad who work their magic on cycles, tri-cyles and paddle-cars and lastly Kapil Shelke and his friends who put up an Indian team on the grid of Isle of Man TT. Enough said.

Right from the 7-year old Sarthak who loves to ride off-road to almost 70-year old  Pandurang Gaikwad who restores cycles, tricycles and paddle cars, everyone in this series talks about the things they do with a twinkle in the eye. A person worthy of special mention is Mr Kapil Shelke who put an electric bike completely built in India on podium at the Isle of Man TT when nobody even gave them a fighting  chance of even making an electric bike in India, forget the world. As the lyrics go, “give faith a fighting chance”, this engineering project went on to make history on international stage just because of the paroxysm for the simple reason that nobody believed in their capabilities.

Anurag Ramgopal and Ashish Pillai, the creative duo at Cycling Octopus said, Producing this documentary was very challenging as we were funding this series from our own pockets and many of us gave up our salaries in order to produce it. In the end, it was worth it as each episode inspired us and we hope it inspires everyone who watches it.”

This series hooked me completely and inspired me, and I am pretty sure it would make each individual who watches it think of how rewarding following your heart can be because the satisfaction I see in their eyes is simply unmistakable.


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