General Motors wants to team up with Google for autonomous car technology

General Motors has been left behind in the game of autonomous vehicles, but they have a trick that could see them leapfrog the competition by a considerable margin. The company  plans to strike a partnership with Google for their expertise in self-drive technology.

Speaking to Bloomberg, GM’s executive vice president said: “We make cars, we know how to make cars. They’ve [Google] got great technical capabilities. We are very interested in how those two might work together”. While others are years ahead in these project, and its American rival Tesla already rolling out a software to make the cars to run on auto-pilot, GM needed something that could bring them up to speed with other cos. There has been no response from Google about it publically.


Google has predominantly been a software company and this set-up might just work fine, just like its mobile phone Android operating system is used world over, they could make the technology available for car manufacturers.

Currently, GM has only just announced it will begin trialing its first fleet of self-drive Chevrolet Volts late 2016 – but not on public roads. The fleet of autonomous Volts will drive within GM’s Michigan facilities and be offered to its employees using a new car-sharing app.

GM’s first semi-autonomous tech, Super Cruise, will arrive next year on the Cadillac CT6. Despite featuring the same technical hardware as its rivals – cameras, lasers and radars, Super Cruise lacks other rivals automated lane-changing feature.

Meanwhile, its Swedish rival, Volvo just released a video where they plan to drive around 100 XC90 SUV’s around 50 kilometres of specially chosen roads streets of Gothenburg, Sweden to test waters. The video explained how the IntelliSafe Auto Pilot mode would react in various driving situations.  The car will monitor all the happenings around the car 360 degree through sensors, will be able to overtake slow moving cars safely.

2015 volvo XC90 parking assist

2015 volvo XC90 parking assist




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