Get ready to drive on plastic roads!

A company named VolkerWessels from Netherlands has come up with a revolutionary idea to use plastic floating in the oceans be used to make roads!!

Crazy as it may sound, but the Rotterdam city council’s engineering bureau representative Jaap Peters was quoted by The Guardinan saying “Very positive towards the development of PlasticRoad. Rotterdam is a city that is open to experiments and innovative adaptions in practice. We have a ‘street lab’ where innovations like this can be tested”

Plastic Roads

Plastic RoadsPl

What the promoters are trying to do here is , gather all the waste plastic floating around in the sea, process it and prefabricate it in a factory and install it at the desired location. This will help reduce the time required for  building of roads. Also, if need be, they can be dismantled easily. The company also claims that these roads can be mass produced, require less maintenance and can withstand  extreme temperatures at the opposite end of the spectrum.

The question to be asked here is, how reliable and durable, these roads would be? Would it provide the same or enhanced level of grip as compared to ordinary roads? Would it be economically feasible since the technology is in nascent stage?

Whatever the destiny of plastic roads may be.. the company deserves a pat on the back for  floating such an idea and trying to revolutionize the tarmac.



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