Tech giant Google comes up with a novel patent to save pedestrians upon crash : Sticky car hood

Google is on a roll. Literally. First, they come up with this idea of an autonomous car which is now currently undergoing testing and has also hit a bus. Since it’s an autonomous car and we aren’t in the terminator or the TheJetsons era, Accidents will definitely happen. And that’s why Google has come up with an interesting patent called the “Adhesive Vehicle Front End for Mitigation of Secondary Pedestrian Impact”. This invention promises to hold the pedestrian in place by getting him/her stuck on the hood of the car by the use of a special adhesive/glue.

Google Patent sticky car hood

Google Patent sticky car hood

However, Questions and doubts may arise regarding the exposed nature of the glue content on the hood. Google has an answer for that, The glue is actually concealed on the hood with the help of an egg-shell like layer. It will break under the circumstances of an impact which will help to expose the glue layer.


On the Contrary, What will happen to the pedestrian after he/she gets stuck on the hood? It is actually a very dangerous situation for both driver and the pedestrian. First of all, If the pedestrian is stuck to the hood, That will definitely obscure the vision of the driver making it more unsafe. And what will happen if the car goes and smashes somewhere? Eg: A tree, a truck, a car, an oncoming vehicle. Wouldn’t it be better for the person if he/she gets hits and is thrown off. Fine, the chances of survival are slim, but still what are the chances that he/she will survive if stuck on the hood. Google has also answered this by saying that the glue will release the person after a specific amount of time. But hasn’t said how long. And here on the roads we cannot talk about just seconds. It’s all in Micros and Millis.


As of now, We don’t know if this patent by Google is a boon or a bane. It is highly risky and dangerous is what we feel. An extra sensor maybe added in the car so that, As soon as the car’s ECU receives the signal that it has detected an impact, The autonomous car can safely brake and move to the side of the road and completely come to a halt so as to avoid further damage. If this Idea is practical, Let them implement. We still have a long way to go. But this is both intriguing and funny at the same time.

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