7 steps to follow when your brake fails!

Brakes failures are very dramatically picturized in the movies and especially in the daily soaps. Brake failure is like a way out when you have no script left. But, these scenarios occur in real world too. Imagine you are on your way to office on the regular route when you suddenly stop feeling your brakes. Horrifying isn’t it? This situation demands utmost patience from your side. If you panic, the consequences can be even worse. So, we are here with some steps which will ensure your safety in such situations.

1) Calm Down –

Now this may seem as a repetition but this is the most important point. The situation gets too hasty when you want to stop your car but you are unable to. So, keeping your calm is the best thing you can do. In fact, being calm will allow you to recollect this article and thank me. 😉

2) Take your foot off the accelerator –

Obviously, if you want to stop you will have to step off the accelerator. Slight push to the gas pedal may lead to an increase in the speed of the car. So, just stay away from that pedal and concentrate on the road.

3) Start pumping you brakes –

brake pedals

I know the brakes are not functioning but pumping can get your brakes back. If you have lost your brakes due to low fluid or low pressure in brakes, pumping can get the pressure back to the brakes.

4) Shift to the innermost lane as early as possible and alert others –

While following these steps, we have to constantly look for room where we can shift to the inner most lane or the service lane if possible. This will ensure minimum damage. Alert other by honking, switching on your parking lights, etc. It is very important that others know that something is wrong with the car and give way.

5) Pull the handbrake or the emergency brake –


Once you are in the inner most lane and there is no one behind you, try pulling the hand brake. The car can skid if the brake is fully functional, so it is important that you handle the steering well to avoid a crash.

6) Downshift –


The car would have come to an halt by now or you will have developed a little braking power and the speed would have been reduced. To reduce it further, start downshifting your gears. Say you are in the fourth gear, press the clutch downshift to three and release the clutch, this will slow your car down. Follow the same step till you get to the first gear.

7) Find a soft place to crash –

Downshifting will get your car to a halt or if the situation is not appropriate for downshifting, other steps will make the car slow enough to avoid any damage during a crash. So now you need to find a soft place to crash your car with minimal damage. This is the last resort and if you are going for this one, ensure that everyone is wearing seat belts and the passengers are holding tightly. Find some help as soon as you crash.

These are the most basic steps to follow during brake failures. This situation can be avoided by getting your car checked by mechanics regularly. Hope you find this article informative. Don’t forget to share. Happy Motoring! 🙂

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