Huracan with 2300HP sets world record – Video of the Day

Lamborghini Huracan with 2,300 HP climbs to 238.6 MPH (384 km/hr) in a quarter mile run.

Lamborghini’s were seen as show off’s earlier. The engine claimed to do wonders but it needed a lot of expertise to get there. Even being able to drive a Lambo was considered to be a talent altogether. But, the Huracan changed it all. The baby Lamborghini is the only one you use on a daily basis. But with a few efforts. For instance, you have to pull the window switch to get the glass down and push it to get it up. That is the exact opposite of regular cars. However, that is the basic nature of Lamborghini.

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But, the easy driveability of the baby Lambo nowhere sacrifices the racing spirit. The Huracan still do wonders with its 600 horses. But, this is not enough to set a world record. You need a 2,300 HP and a sequential gearbox for doing this. America’s popular aftermarket supplier, Underground Racing has fitted the Huracan with a 2,300 HP twin-turbo system paired with a sequential gearbox. This combination is just what we need to do the fastest on a quarter mile run.

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This Lamborghini Huracan set a world record of reaching 238.6 miles an hour (384 km/hr) in a quarter mile run. Yes! that is what it did. The previous record was 234.86 Miles an hour done by a similar Gallardo.

Here is the video for you to see the fastest Huracan. Happy Motoring! 🙂

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